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RyanasaurusOO77 RyanasaurusOO77 23 April 2012

Enter the Dragon and the Fortune

For my 20th Curefic, I decided to go for a '70s martial arts movie theme with my first "Futari wa"-style team, hence the title, Futari wa Pretty Cure Dragon. What I've got for the plot so far is that the male protagonist, Li Yang (Hiroshi Lee), winds up passing an entrance exam to Ichiban only to find out too late that it's a girls' boarding school. So he learns sign language so he can communicate effectively without giving himself away accidentally. As a direct result, he gains a reputation among the students as being unable to talk. On his first day, he meets the most beautiful of the students, Chen Xiulan (Ran Chan), who finds out he's a boy after they collide into each other. That's when a monster shows up, as do two fairies who reveal …

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RyanasaurusOO77 RyanasaurusOO77 19 April 2012

Where were you in '92?

OK, for my 19th series, Knox Nineties Pretty Cure, I could only come up with the five-person Cure team, the setting, and a few side characters.

The setting is Knoxville, TN, in 1992, the year an unassuming 14-year-old ditz took the magical girl genre by storm and cemented herself as an important figure in the genre.

The five characters who become Cures:

  • Sandra Staley
  • Jamie Jennings
  • Kate Kelley
  • Olivia Orland
  • Parker Pearl

For minor characters, I could only come up with a couple of twins named Pernell and Pianissimo Prince, as well as Terrence Diaz, Moon Napier, and Robin Hoffman.

I couldn't even come up with Cure names for the five Cures!

So if anyone can help me brainstorm further, I'd really appreciate it.



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