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Ryan Lee was anxiously waiting for the results of the entrance exam for Ichiban High School. He had failed every entrance exam to high schools up to that point, and as always, he felt like everything was riding on this one.

And then, hell froze over: the results came in, and it turned out he passed the entrance exam to this one. He was more than overjoyed; he was confident now that he had gotten into a good high school.

"Get ready, Ichiban, because Ryan Lee is about to enter the number one school in the city! Great martial arts program, nice rooms, quality pizza… this is going to be so cool! I can't wait for my first day of school!"

He didn't want to eat his words, but the uniform came in one week before his first day at the school. His parents gave it to him with a concerned look on their faces. His father, Wayne Lee, broke the news rather quickly.

"My son… we must've been really desperate to get you in a good high school. Too desperate, in fact."

The box with the uniform was opened. Ryan did a double take quickly upon seeing its contents.

A black blazer, a white dress shirt, a red neck ribbon, a pink plaid skirt, white tights, and black ballet slippers.

Ryan said, "Damn it… did you two get me the wrong uniform somehow?"

His mother, Jane Lee, said, "No, Ryan. We found out too late that the entrance exam we had you take was for a girls' school."

Upon hearing the words "girls' school", Ryan's face turned pale and he fainted. Jane slapped his face hard.

"OW! What was that for?"

Jane said, "That was to get you back up after you fainted. I know it's a shock to you, but sometimes you have to go with the punches. It's going to be all right…"

OP: "Danzen! Futari wa Precure Dragon"

"L'estraneo - The Stranger"

The day Ryan dreaded came. The first day of school.

He had learned sign language for about a week and practiced often, but he still felt uneasy. His uniform was hanging on the rack near his door. He said, "I have a sinking feeling about this."

After putting on his uniform, he walked downstairs and started eating his breakfast, saying, "I don't know why… I just know that this might suck. If anything, I really need to try hard not to let myself get found out by anyone. Seriously."

Wayne said, "Well, if you need anything, just give us a call or send us an email, OK? Trust me, and trust your mother, when we say it's going to be all right."

After he finished eating, he said, "Thanks for the meal!" He then grabbed his lunchbox and dashed out the door.

Whenever Ryan Lee uses sign language in this series, the words that appear in the subtitles will be all caps and bold.

Ryan dashed down the road silently. He still had half an hour to spare at this time, so it wasn't like he needed to hurry.

Then he spotted a group of younger punks harassing a small red panda. At that sight, he muttered, "Aiya..." He walked up to them with an expression on his face that screamed "What the hell are you little punks doing?" The kids were scared silly when he silently broke out into his martial arts training.

So scared silly, in fact, that they dropped what they were doing and ran off with their tails between their legs after just one second of it.

Ryan said, "Seriously, to mistreat an animal as if it was a plaything doesn't float my boat."

He then approached the red panda and petted it. "There, there. It's going to be alright. I won't let any more nasty people hurt you again."

Suddenly, the red panda's eyes opened. Ryan decided to keep running toward his new school before he lost any more time.

Ryan wrote his name on the board. The teacher spoke as he used sign language for the duration of his speech.

"Her name is Ryan Lee, and she can't talk. She seems shy, but as far as we know she prefers to communicate exclusively in sign language.

"Who does she think she is, Mary Pickford? Ah, what the hey? Other than her preference for sign language, Miss Lee seems to be normal.

"She likes animals, studied a few martial arts when she was younger, and would like to make some new friends while she's here.

"Thank you Miss Lee, you may return to your seat. Will the next student to introduce herself please stand up?"

Ryan proceeded to curtsy. Apparently, for a boy who's studied martial arts for much of his life, he can do a good curtsy. He then took his seat behind the girl who was next to introduce herself.

"I'm Rica Watson from Millennium Junior High. I mainly do karate. I also ride horses and enjoy classical music. Try not to mock my tastes; there is a club here for martial artists, as you would be very well aware just from reading whatever flyers you wound up receiving. I hope to have a good time here! That is all."

Rica took her seat. As the introductions continued, she told Ryan, "I could understand you perfectly well without having to listen to the teacher translating your sign language. I've been volunteering around the deaf lately, so of course I can speak fluent sign language. Anyway, what say I take you for a tour after school?"

Ryan gave Rica the thumbs up. Rica said, "Perfect! Meet me outside this classroom after school. See you then!"

Meanwhile, in another part of the school, another girl introduced herself. "My name's Susan Chan, and I hail from Millennium Junior High. I may look pretty, but underneath this beautiful exterior lies the heart of a fighter. I've taken some martial arts classes for a couple of years as we speak. Of course, I'd really love to get along with you peeps!"

Susan took her seat. The girl in front of her, Juanita Cruz, looked behind her and said, "¡Hola, bonita! My name's Juanita Cruz, as you might be aware."

Susan smiled. "Cruz, huh? Are your folks Hispanic?"

Juanita said, "Only my father. My mother's from the Midwest. I believe she was born in Cincinnati."1

Susan said, "Your accent would place you in SoCal2, I take it."

Juanita said, "Mom picked up the accent when her family moved to Hollywood.3 That was before my parents moved to Millennium City, where I was born."

Susan said, "My father was born in Hong Kong, and my mother was born in Millennium City."

Juanita said, "Interesting. I hope to get to know you better, Miss Chan."

Susan said, "The same to you, Miss Cruz."

After school, Ryan walked over to his homeroom, where Rica was waiting. He quickly went into sign language mode.


Rica said, "They're just not my style. Me, I go with bike shorts." She flipped her skirt to reveal black bike shorts underneath. "Now then, shall we go on the tour?"

Ryan mimed the letters H, A, and I.


Rica said, "Brilliant! Just what I wanted to hear from you, limey4… or read… whatever. Let's get the tour underway."

"This place over here, by the way, is the dance studio. Ballet classes and martial arts club meets take place here. By the way, I got my expertise as a tour guide from one of the veterans yesterday, before my first day here."

Suddenly, a girl ran by and spun Ryan around just by buzzing him as she passed. Rica, who remained standing, asked, "Who the hell was that?"

Then a couple of students ran by and yelled, "STOP, THIEF!" As they passed, they spun Ryan around again. Rica asked, "Why do they keep buzzing you?"

Ryan proceeded to spell out the following in sign language:


Rica said, "Anyway, we have to put this tour on hold for now. We have to chase that rascally thief down!"

The two ran down the hall and finally confronted the thief in the second year wing. Her name was Eileen Fields, and she was a real troublemaker. Her capers had earned her such nicknames as "The Joker" and "The Clown Princess of Rulebreaking" from day 1. Not only was she a prankster and a thief, she was also quite conceited.

Eileen said, "All right, you got me. I give up. But don't think this is over yet, my fellow students! The Clown Princess of Rulebreaking will return! Just you wait! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to put a sombrero on the Yankee who calls herself a friend of Susan Chan, widely considered the most beautiful student at Ichiban!"

"Yankees". That's what Eileen Fields called Hispanics. In Australian boarding schools, she would be the kind of student who'd call Japanese people "pommies". And that's terrible.

So not only was she a prankster, a thief, and an egotistic rascal, she was also a failure at racism. Even the most sensitive among the students merely facepalmed whenever she tossed around an ethnic slur.

As she left, she dropped the scripts hard onto the floor, and Ryan and Rica helped the other two girls pick them up.

Rica said, "Try keeping those scripts in a safe from now on. That girl's a tricky little bugger; who knows if she's going to pull your leg or flip your skirt or create a massive oil slick in the middle of the hall?"

"You've never met her before!"

"I don't need to."

"In any case, thanks!"

"You're quite welcome. Come on, Ryan. We're getting the hell out of here."


Rica led Ryan to a separate building. "And this is the dorm building. Come, I'll show you your room."

The two walked through the building to the third floor. They stopped outside a door. Rica said, "Room 3-45. That's where we're staying. It's going to take some practice, Ryan, but you'll get used to the building. See you later!"

Rica then entered 3-45. Ryan sighed and said, "What a relief… my first day, and I didn't get discovered. Must be my lucky day…"

Afterward, Ryan returned to the main building and entered the drama club's meeting room. He left a note that said "FIND SAFE FOR SCRIPTS".

He then exited only to get mowed down. The girl yelled, "LOOK OUT!" Ryan barely had any time to scramble out of the way before the girl barreled into him and knocked him down.

Once on the ground, he proceeded to mime the letters A, I, Y, and A.


He was quickly able to process what he was seeing: the most beautiful girl in the school, and she was on top of him after pushing him over accidentally. And then he noticed her hands on his chest. "Y… You're a boy?"

Ryan gulped and spoke in the presence of a human for the first time since showing up: "Yeah… I must be in the wrong school."

Susan couldn't believe her ears. "You can talk?"

Ryan said, "I guess."

Susan suddenly jumped up and yelled, "AIYA! We'd better hurry up before we get jumped!"

She had heard a laser being fired. Grabbing Ryan's arm, she dragged him down the halls as a man in black approached.

The man in black was dressed like a mariachi and sported a stache. He also wielded a pair of laser guns. As he walked menacingly and emotionlessly toward the duo (though by his actions it was obvious he was a lunatic), he fired his laser guns one by one.

Susan found an empty classroom to bring Ryan into and slammed the door behind them.

Ryan took some time to catch his breath as Susan said, "That was an unexpected way of meeting you."

Ryan said, "I know. I mean, I never expected the most beautiful girl in school to literally run into me after school."

Susan said, "So… care to explain what you're doing here?"

Ryan said, "Well, it's kind of a long story, but in a nutshell… my parents forgot to check the place out before giving me the entrance exam, and I wound up getting so caught up in trying to finally pass one of those cursed things that I didn't even check if it was a girls' school! Bruce's belt, it was quite the shock when I found out where I was headed!"

Susan said, "I can imagine."

Then a voice said, "Yeah, and I could tell he wasn't normal when I saw him."

Ryan and Susan turned to the source: a red panda. Next to it was a female red panda. Ryan recognized the male as the one he saved from the pesky kids on his way to school. "Oh, and to the young man that saved me from those kids who seemed quite psychotic…"

Ryan said, "Or else they didn't know how to treat such an exotic creature as you, my fine sir."

The male said, "Yeah, yeah, what's your name?"

Ryan curtsied and said, "I'm Ryan Lee, a first year here at Ichiban High. And the girl is Susan Chan, the most beautiful girl in the school."

Susan curtsied and said, "How do you do?"

The female said, "Obviously you've learned your manners. Anyway, the two of us represent the land of martial arts…"

"You mean China?"

The male said, "No, young man! This is another dimension, with knowledge of all martial arts. I'll explain later. My name is Newton, and she's called Bailey. We came to find a pair of warriors who will fight for us, warriors called Pretty Cure."

Ryan asked, "And what does this Pretty Cure do?"

Newton said, "They defend us against the evil forces of the bad man known as Thirteen, including the man who was chasing you."

"The man in black?"

"Yeah, the man in black! Name of Black, to be precise."

Ryan said, "OK… I'm in. What about you, Susan?"

Susan said, "I guess. Am I right in assuming that another student told you about me?"

Ryan said, "Yeah."

Then Black burst in after firing lasers while screaming like a Mexican. Susan said, "This is not how the Hispanic girl in my class behaves."

Ryan asked, "How does she behave?"

Susan said, "Just the average normal person."5

Then objects appeared in their hands. Ryan asked, "What is this?"

Newton said, "That, young man, is your transformer. Not to be confused, of course, with those robots in disguise."

Ryan said, "Yeah, I get it."

Susan asked, "How does it work?"

Bailey said, "Simple: just swipe your card and say the incantation!"

Ryan was confused. "Inca-what?"

Newton yelled, "Just do it before you're fried by one of those hot beams of light!"

Ryan and Susan had no choice. They swiped the cards quickly, seeing the two laser guns pointed at them.

"Dual Fighting Spirit!"

Suddenly, the two transformed. When the transformation completed, they were wearing different outfits. Ryan was dressed in a gold knee-length Chinese dress adorned with a red dragon, gold arm warmers, dark gold bike shorts, and gold boots. Susan was clad in a silver knee-length kimono adorned with a blue "7", silver arm warmers, white tights, and silver boots.

Ryan introduced himself to the man in black: "The golden warrior, I am Cure Dragon!"

Susan followed suit: "The silver warrior, I am Cure Fortune!"

The two said in sync, "Together we're Pretty Cure!"

Cure Fortune said, "Evil warriors of ill fortune…"

Cure Dragon said, "We shall send you packing!"6

The man in black sneered, "'Sup, señoritas? The name's Black, and I laser attack!" He then fired lasers wildly. Cures Dragon and Fortune suddenly found themselves running around the room. Cure Dragon yelled, "AIYA! Dealing with lasers isn't my idea of martial arts! That mamacita is real loco, the way he's acting!"

Cure Fortune said, "You're telling me!"


Newton said, "The Way of the Dragon, perhaps?"

Cure Dragon said, "Thank you for reminding me, Red."

Cure Dragon proceeded to make some graceful arm movements similar to what you'd see in a Bruce Lee movie--Chinese boxing, wasn't it?--then the man in black threw down his laser guns with such force they emitted a strong beam that thankfully went through an open window before readying his fists. Cure Dragon kicked the man in black, hitting his jaw. He said, "Movement number 4: Dragon seeks path. HAI-YAH!"7

One roundhouse kick later, the man in black is down. Cure Dragon said, "Dragon whips his tail!"7 The man in black sprung right back up, all too ready to kick Dragon's tail for the effort. His fists at the ready, he approached our young hero with what appeared to be an American punching style. Sighing in annoyance, Cure Dragon walked up to him and, in three punches, knocked down the man in black again. Following a right hook to the right shoulder, he was sure the man in black was down for the count this time.

But then the man in black made a sweeping motion with his feet, tripping him up. Cure Dragon swore under his breath as the man in black sprang back up again, but he managed to send his legs together on the man in black's exposed leg and get back up, knocking down the man in black in the process. The man in black managed to get pushed into the path of Cure Fortune's kick, and he stumbled right back toward Cure Dragon, who gave him a quick roundhouse kick in the jaw. Cure Dragon said, "I never thought I'd finally see you join in the fighting!"

Cure Fortune said, "Well, I just saw you go on the offensive against that loco mariachi wannabe, so I figured out what to do after a while."

Cure Dragon said, "Yeah, well, next time we have to deal with him, I expect some more cooperation from you. After all, we're like Natalie and Hannah, two girls who know how to fight together!"

Cure Fortune slammed her fist into Cure Dragon's fist, and a strange energy started emitting. Cure Fortune said, "That's right…"

Cure Dragon said in amazement, "The finisher!"

The man in black, groaning from the beatdown he had just received, asked, "Now what more do you want with me?"



Cures Dragon and Fortune banged their fists together.

Cure Fortune said, "We who are different as day and night…"

Cure Dragon said, "Do join together and combine our might!"


The gold and silver bursts of light strike the man in black. He barely managed to get back up after that. Once back on his feet, he said, "You may have won the fight, Pretty Cure, but you have not won the war between the Land of Martial Arts… and the forces of Thirteen!"

Then the man of black stumbles out of the room as the Cures watch. Cure Dragon asked, "What is he talking about?"

Newton said, "Some war our enemy Thirteen has declared on martial arts, I guess."

Cure Fortune said, "You know what, Ryan? Your secret's safe with me. Not to mention another person I can trust who is our roommate…"

Cure Dragon said, "Oh. Rica. The girl who gave me that tour of the campus after school let out for the day."

After the two detransformed, Susan said, "Well, let's get to orientation!"


Next episode: "In sinc con l'uno l'altro - In Sync with Each Other"

Voice actors[]


  • Yuki Tokiwa as Hiroshi Lee/Cure Dragon
  • Nana Mizuki as Ran Chan/Cure Fortune
  • Daisuke Kishio as Shinhan
  • Hisako Kanemoto as Seikou
  • Norio Wakamoto as Kuro
  • Kenta Miyake as Kamui Lee
  • Ryoko Sakakibara as Haruko Lee
  • Noriko Hidaka as Toshimi Jin
  • Miyuki Sawashiro as Rica Watanabe
  • Rica Fukami as Ai Fukuda
  • Chisaki Hama as Tsuruya Kuruwa


  • Rupert Grint as Ryan Lee/Cure Dragon
  • Britt McKillip as Susan Chan/Cure Fortune
  • Mark X. Laskowski as Newton
  • Maggie Flecknoe as Bailey
  • Stephen Apostolina as Black
  • Gregory Snegoff as Wayne Lee
  • Sybil Danning as Jane Lee
  • Dorothy Elias-Fahn as Minerva Sampson
  • Chloe Grace Moretz as Rica Watson
  • Hilary Haag as Eileen Fields
  • Wendee Lee as Juanita Cruz

Translation notes[]

1.^ In the Japanese version, Tsuruya's mother is the Hispanic parent, and her father was born in Okinawa.
2.^ Originally Ran noted Tsuruya's Kansai dialect.
3.^ Tsuruya's father lived in Kyoto in the original Japanese version.
4.^ Originally "Kassarin" ("Catherine").
5.^ Ran notes in the Japanese version that Tsuruya doesn't act like an idiot. People who speak the Kansai dialect are typically stereotyped as idiots.
6.^ Original Japanese version: "Duaru faitingu supiritu!" "Senshi no kin'iro, Kyua Doragon!" "Senshi no gin'iro, Kyua Foruchiun!" "Futari wa purikyua!" "Akuun no warui no senshi!" "Jigoku no ochiru!" ("Dual Fighting Spirit!" "The Golden Warrior, Cure Dragon!" "The Silver Warrior, Cure Fortune!" "We are Pretty Cure!" "Evil warriors of ill fortune!" "Fall into Hell!")
7.^ Spoken in English in the original Japanese version.
8.^ Original Japanese version: "Gorudo Sandaa!" "Shirubaa Sandaa!" "Purikyua no in to you no chikara ga..." "...Subete no aku wo uchikudaku!" "Purikyua metarupanchu!" ("Gold Thunder!" "Silver Thunder!" "The yin/yang power of Pretty Cure..." "...Shall crush all evil!" "Pretty Cure Metal Punch!")