Ryan's Pretty Cure Fanseries Emporium Wiki

This is the comprehensive trivia guide to my Curefics.

Standard Pretty Cure fics[]

  • Trivia/Pretty Cure Heavy Metal
  • Trivia/Pretty Cure Hollywood Stars
  • Trivia/Pretty Cure Dimensional Evolution
  • Trivia/Pretty Cure Strange Happenings
  • Trivia/Pretty Cure: Agents of Romero
  • Trivia/Pretty Cure Contemporary Mouseworks
  • Trivia/Pretty Cure Transient School
  • Trivia/Pretty Cure Android Wars
  • Trivia/Pretty Cure Old School Videos
  • Trivia/Pretty Cure Classics
  • Trivia/Pretty Cure Engine Crank
  • Trivia/Club Pretty Cure
  • Trivia/Spaghetti Pretty Cure
  • Trivia/Science Fiction Pretty Cure
  • Trivia/Cyber Pretty Cure
  • Trivia/Dark Age of Pretty Cure
  • Trivia/Skater Pretty Cure 5
  • Trivia/Knox Nineties Pretty Cure
  • Trivia/Futari wa Pretty Cure Dragon
  • Trivia/Dark Legends of Pretty Cure
  • Trivia/Beautiful Dreamer Pretty Cure
  • Trivia/Delicatessen Pretty Cure
  • Trivia/Futari wa Pretty Cure Chiaroscuro
  • Trivia/Technicolor Pretty Cure
  • Trivia/Pretty Cure Videodisc
  • Trivia/Pretty Cure Four Seasons
  • Trivia/Futari wa Pretty Cure Dimensions
  • Trivia/Dark Eighties of Pretty Cure
  • Trivia/Sports Pretty Cure
  • Trivia/Pretty Cure Gymnastics Action

Pretty Cure-like fics[]

  • Trivia/Pistolera Pretty Cure (based on Gunslinger Girl)
  • Trivia/SOS Pretty Cure (based on Haruhi Suzumiya)
  • Trivia/Double-O Pretty Cure (based on James Bond)
  • Trivia/Pretty Cure of the Caribbean (based on Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Trivia/Piston Pretty Cure (based on Disney and Pixar's Cars 2)
  • Trivia/Pretty Cure vs. the Three Mothers (based on Suspiria, Inferno, and The Mother of Tears)
  • Trivia/Pretty Cure Musketeers (based on The Three Musketeers)
  • Trivia/Pretty Cure of the Living Dead (based on the Living Dead series)
  • Trivia/Pretty Cure: Tales of the Wolf (based on Lupin III)
  • Trivia/Afterlife Pretty Cure (based on Angel Beats!)
  • Trivia/Pretty Cure and a Vampire (based on Rosario+Vampire and Rosario+Vampire Capu2)

Other Pretty Cure-related fics[]

  • Trivia/Pretty Cure Anime Theatre
  • Trivia/Future Wars
  • Trivia/Future Wars 2
  • Trivia/Blooper fics
  • Trivia/Miscellaneous Curefic reinterpretations
  • Trivia/Secret Agent Cures
  • Trivia/Dimension Two
  • Trivia/Curefic Movie